Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Been Busy....sort of

Have you ever ended your day exhausted, can't hold your eyes open, you look at the clock thinking it has to be after midnight and it's not, and then you look around to view all that you have accomplished and it's like you can't hardly tell you've lifted a finger? That was my Friday. Fridays are suppose to be my FUN day. But somehow everything go mixed up and I ended up making of list and actually getting it all done. I didn't even misplace the list. LOL. But, then when I looked around at about 9pm I couldn't see a thing that I had done, (except the knitting, which I did on my lunch). Now it wasn't all bad because I did order two new patterns both of these I'm going to make as gifts. The Leaf Lace Shawl and the Leaf Lace Socks (pictures below) and I have been working on the last Chevron sock, which is at the 3 round on the gussets. So I have been busy, I have been working, you just can't see it. (smile)


Noeysmommy said...

Almost all of my days seem like that! I have that shawl pattern....and the yarn....just not the courage to start it! :(

Satori said...

Sometimes when I have had a pattern that I just wasn't sure that I had the skill for, I would read it over and over and made sure I understood the pattern before I started it. Somewhere in going over the pattern you realize that these are all stitched and things I have done before, just in a different order. And before you know, you've started knitting it.


trish said...

Thts real pretty..i have been crocheting the same scarf since october last year...the one i learnt at my first class...never made it to the second lesson