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Friday, July 08, 2005

What a Friday so far

Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week. I just love them, Fridays have so much potential for setting the "mood" for the rest of the weekend. So I was really looking forward to today. And to be honest, even with the little bump in the road this morning, it's been good.

The little bump was a 225.00 surprise that I had to pay out. It could have been more, but I am just glad that I had the resources to pay it. It seems that one of my back tires on the PT Cruiser had some threads showing on the inside. When they checked the other one, guess what? You got it, he gave the other one about a week before it did the same thing. So I have two new tires and a safe car for my daughter and I to drive. Very Cool.

Now on the knitting front. My first footie is just about done. I should finish it tonight and I just finished row 60 of the shawl. If you want a fun shawl to make this is the one. I don't remember ever enjoying the process of shawl making in such a light hearted way. The cool thing too with this shawl is while I'm knitting, I am thinking about what it would look like in a different gauge. All ready planning ahead.

Well I'm out the door to see Batman Begins. (again) To all my knitting friends and visitors have a wonderful weekend and please keep the families that have injured or lost love ones and in London in your thoughts and prayers.

Blessed Be

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