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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Twisted German Cast On

When I am sitting at the corner table at Barnes and Nobles with a stack of knitting books and a hot non-fat latte it's amazing at the knitting friends I make. Ladies that knit and some that don't all will make a comment about the books, their likes and dis likes and sometimes I get the question "do you knit?" But last night was special. I noticed a lady kept looking at the books and when I got to one about socks she came over. She introduced herself and you couldn't help but notice her thick German accent. She told she knitted and that she learned as a little girl from her grandmother back in Germany. She said it was her responsibility to make the socks for the family. Each of her sisters, mother and grandmother had certain clothing items that they "specialized" in. Since she made socks she was interested in the book. She as she is going through it, she is making comments and showing me things that to her were incorrect and could be done differently and easier. LOL. I thought this was pretty cute and I learned a whole lot from her. The biggest thing that she said she sees with American woman knitting is that they don't relax and let knitting flow from them, and it shows in their garment, and she said that we must be very careful with the cast on especially for socks, a very comfortable cast on must be made. She went on to describe her cast on, which is what I was taught as a Twisted German cast on.

So after about an hour of talking with her I was pretty inspired. Her belief is that from the first cast on to the last bind off they should be as beautiful as the garment it's self. The cast on is the foundation of the garment, it sets the tone for the whole thing. With socks, you can have a beautiful pair of socks and if the cast on is wrong, no one will want to wear them.

We are having coffee again Friday evening and she is bringing some of her socks and other items for me to see. I can't wait.


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