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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's Hot & Humid in the south, let's talk SOCKS

One of my favorite shows is Knitty Gritty on DIY (Do It Yourself) Network. I may have all the shows taped, that's how much I enjoy this 30 minutes. One of the great things about this fun and informative show is their web site. Not only do you find all the directions and guides, but there are these little mini videos of some of the technical parts of each project. (and you can play them over and over until you get it) VERY COOL.

Well, one of their episodes, on sock knitting is what renewed my interested and love for socks. This is a very basic fun sock to make. It's a heavy sock for late Fall and Winter, or if you are like some members of my family, the minute the air condition comes on these socks are on the feet. LOL. Anyway, if you are new to sock knitting this is a great pair to start off with, you will be using larger needles and it gives you all the basics that you need. Here is the link Sock-It to Me - Episode DKNG-204 .

Since I'm talking about socks, I have started another pair of footies. This time though I am changing the pattern around. (of course) It's like a combination of my favorite heel, heel turn, foot and toe decreases. I'll have photos and explanations coming soon.

Have a wonderful day, hang in there it's almost Friday,

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