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Monday, July 11, 2005

Another idea for left over yarn

My family has concluded that I am not only a yarn-aholic, but a book=aholic also. They have accused me of having a second home at Barnes & Noble's. LOL. I'm not confirming or denying any of their statements but I have a book I want to share with you. One of the reasons it caught my eye, is that I love to work not only with fun yarns but different stitches, and once I learn them I then want to use them in shawls or pillows, etc. This book is pretty basic, (there are a few blocks that will need you undivided attention) but the blocks give you an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the stitch and pattern and then when you are done, sew them up and you have a nice sampler afghan or bed top. If you quilt also, you will love the section on arranging the blocks. There is no limit to what you can do with these blocks. I kind of look at this book as a stepping stone to get the imagination going for bigger and better projects. My motto lately is "Make It Your Own." and this book will get you started in doing that. ( has it for $16.97 regular 24.95)

Happy knitting


Lyndanna said...

My family has resigned themselves to the fact Mom is a yarn, book- aholic. Hey it keeps us at home :D

Thanks for sharing the book.

Where do we sign up for the 12 step knitting program?

"Hi, my name is Nyasha and I am a Knit Addict."

Satori said...

LOL. My kids don't realize yet that if it wasn't for my addictions I would be too dangerous to let out into the world. LOL.

Thanks for the comment, and have a great evening,