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Friday, June 03, 2005

Knit Hats Now

Back before Christmas 2004 I joined a yahoo group that has turned out to be a lot of fun and has a lot of information about hats. Here is the link. KnitHatsNow . This group has tons of patterns and if you can't find one, these ladies know where you can. They also have some fantastic yarn suggestions. But one of the great things about them, is if you get stuck or have a problem you can post your situation and there will be several responses to help you.

Speaking of groups I recently joined the yahoo group of Folkshawl knitters. It's a knit a long that goes with the book "Folkshawls, 25 Knitting Patterns and tales From Around the World. By Cheryl Oberle. They just voted to do the Sampler Shawl. Since I have to get the reunion shawl done, I am skipping on this one and going to start with their next one which will be sometime around Labor Day. If you are interested in this group here is their link folkshawls . This by the way is another group of knitters who are MORE than happy to help in any way if you have a question. Some of them have just started knitting and some have a lot of knitting experience, but have just really started knitting shawls.

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