Smoky Mountain Colors

Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Friday, and I Love Friday's. I do have a little news. Yesterday afternoon I was out at one of my favorite local yarn shops and had a wonderful discovery. They had just put up a display of several of the Heartstrings patterns. Since payday isn't till next week I limited myself to two patterns and a free one promoting TLC yarns. I think that I'll order the yarn from Knit Picks when I'm about half way through with the Triangle shawl so I can go right into one of these. The other good news is that Marcia who runs yarn shop told me that starting Monday to promot the new patterns and yarns she got in, she will have having buy 1 get the second at half. Very Cool, since she isn't big on sales.  Posted by Hello


Diana said...

That sounds like a great sale at your LYS. The biggest sale around here is usually 10 or 20% off.

Satori said...

This store is wonderful when it comes to advise and suggestions. They know exactly what to suggest when you need to make a yarn substitute, but her prices are high. So when she has a sale or something marked down I get on it because it doesn't happen often.

Happy knitting,