Smoky Mountain Colors

Friday, May 20, 2005

What do I title this?

I feel like I have slacked in my updates and getting the links on my blog, for something that is suppose to be fun, it's amazing the pressure you can feel. Yes, it's self induced, but it's still pressure. Being an artist I tend to put a little more pressure on myself which doesn't help ;-) Anyway, this weekend I hope to have the time to update ALL my web sites, knitting, the blog, and my business. (Having to do all this web work keeps my from knitting, yuck)

Yesterday for a change the kids and I all had the same time available so we went to see Star Wars. WOW. It's like we are still processing all of it, the good, the bad and the disturbing. From the technical and artistic point it's awesome, and graphic designers paradise. The colors were inspirational. In fact I seen some colors put together that normally you would think would be terrible, and it was gorgeous. If I can find a photo online of what I am talking about I'll post it.

But, those colors got me thinking about taking a little more risk in my color combinations. Really making each item I knit my own signature piece. I have in the past like all knitters changed gauge, changed the pattern, changed yarn color, but all within a safe and pleasing little box. It's time I take my knitting out of the box (again). It's good to break the habits we are in, especially when it comes to our creativity. Nothing rejuvenate the spirit like risk, change and accomplishment.

Be good to yourself today,


Diana said...

You're right! We should all take a little risk in our color combinations. Thanks for the reminder. I seem to get into a rut with hues of blue and raspberry. Love your blog!

Satori said...

Thanks for the comment and I'm so glad you like my blog. You know, what drives me crazy about being in a rut is that I find myself there before I know it. I wish there were warning signs along the way. ;-) Anyway, thank you again, and have a wonderful evening.