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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Let me explain WHY

WOW. First off let me thank everyone who emailed me. Though it's quiet ok to post your comments directly on the blog, trust me I won't be offended. So with that said let me answer the question that I got 5 of. WHY did you pick that shawl?

After many hours of thought, I picked the Triangles within Triangles shawl because of the people who will be bidding on it. Yes, I do want it to WOW them but 99.7% of the people there will be 60 and over, so I wanted something that was beautiful, not too over the top and something that they too would be comfortable wearing. The ladies in my family are skilled in many needlecrafts. They tend to appreciate the overall beauty of an item not necessarily the complexity of it. It is hard to understand the difficulty level if you know nothing about it. (it all looks hard to do). I also then had to look at the time frame and since Aug 13th is about 2.5 months away, I felt I could knit this at a reasonable pace and have time left over. I will be using a handpainted lace weight yarn doubled, since the pattern calls for finger weight yarn. Of course there will be photos of the work in progress. Now this isn't the only reasons why I chose the pattern, but they were the reasons that tipped the scale in the direction it went.

Again, to all those who emailed me, thank you so much.
Blessed Be

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