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Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's a Libra thing or is it a Rooster thing ? ? ? ?

Living my life seeking balance has not been easy. And before I go on further please note that the following will end up being my way of validating my crazy "gift" of rationalization on one scale and indecision on the other, but sometimes it's good to put words to it, maybe it will help me. LOL I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Ok, back to balance. Being a Libra, also the Rooster in Chinese astrology, I have on COUNTLESS times been overwhelmed by the question "which one?" Being a knitter in today's society hasn't made this situation any easier. With all the gifted spinners out there that have some of the most beautiful yarn displayed on the internet for sale and the yarn companies that are doing the same and the millions of patterns, how on earth can someone like me deal with the torment of creativity overload? (that is where the scale gets tipped). It never fails when I start looking at yarn I get so caught up in the colors and the texture that I almost forget what I am originally looking for, because all this yarn is so inspirational. And I haven't even began to talk about the patterns out there. My goodness that is another day of ranting. Just when you think you have picked out the perfect one, there is another one even better and of course it would look good in a variety of colors and textures so it just goes on and on. Now I have tried the write down what you need and stick to it, but I don't stick to well. LOL.

Now for the rationalization. This should tip the scales the other way, let's cross our fingers. I have to admit that beauty and creativity is my weakness. If I'm not creating I get really grumpy, well, actually that's putting it nicely according to the rest of my family. (smile) So to prevent this from happening on a regular basis and putting them through undeserved hell, I continue to torture myself with the choice of "which one." Putting myself through the emotional roller coaster of looking at all the yarns and fibers and patterns. Finding the right yarn to go with the right pattern and finding the yarn that I have no clue what I am going to do with it, but I must have because it may not be there next week and let's not forget finding the cutest pattern that is so versatile that you can do all kinds of things to it. To me a definite must have for those gifts and donation items. (I have a drawer in my filing cabinet of these). Maybe I should call these patterns and yarns to "What If's". What if someone needs or would like a shawl, or hat, or mittens, or socks, or sweater, or scarf, then I will have the yarn and patterns available to knit them something special. See there, I did it, I rationalized my craziness. I feel better now.

I think I'll go knit, and while I am sitting in my favorite chair, knitting with a great cup of coffee, I will think about all the other people out there that suffer like I do.

May you have hours of happy knitting,

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