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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Still Under Construction

Ok, so I am about to pull my hair out over getting the web site set up so I can share my photos and links and other stuff. But it looks like I have it to a place where I can share a little bit. Here is the link to it. Knitting Satori Gallery .

I do have a funny about the site. By the time the site got ready to upload to the server, the items I have in "In The Works" had gotten finished and so I had to pull those photos. LOL. Now I have to make a page of finished items for 2005.

The links page is still a work in progress. I have so many of them and they are some fantastic sites. But, I want them to be really organized well so that if someone wants something specific they can go to it and not take all day searching the links. Recently I was at a knitting site where the woman had her links page so organized it was a dream come true. I know she had to work a long to not just to get all the links but them to be set up so easily for everyone.

So it's back to coding I go, Blessed Be

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