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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sheep To Shawl

I got a new book today! After I got my hair cut, (thanks Katrena, awesome job once again) I ran over to Hobby Lobby. Their book/pattern section looked like a tornado had hit it, so I kind of fumbled through looking row after row and then finally I seen Sheep To Shawl by Patricia Kim for Philosopher's Wool. It was the only shawl book I could find and they had no books with lace. So I flipped through it and was inspired. Though none of the patterns are what I had in mind for the Reunion donation, I definately have Christmas and a few Fall birthdays taken care of. ;-)

If you haven't seen this book look it up on Amazon or possible Barnes and Noble. If you have it and have made some of the shawls in the book, I would love to hear from you, and find out what you thought their patterns, and if you substituted a different yarn for it.

Blessed Be

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