Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pulling my hair out........ Any suggestions???????

What a week it has been so far. I haven't hardly had time to breath. It looks like (hoping to not jinx it) life will be slowing down a little and I won't be to damn exhausted to blog.

Ok, here is something that is driving me crazy. I think part of the madness is that I haven't been able to really take time to decide so here is the thing. In August, my mom's side of the family is having their annual family reunion. Every year they have an auction to raise money for a charity usually the Alzhiemers Association because that disease runs like water through the family, anyway, everyone makes something and donates it to the auction. This year I want to make a shawl that everyone stands there and goes WWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Now the hard part I come from a long line of VERY GIFTED artisans. Everything from wood carvers to oil paints. Those that knit and crochet in the family are excellent. So I am trying to find a shawl pattern that is fairly simple, (so that I can have it done by August) and yet with the right yarn combo will have the WOW factor. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Of course once I decide on the shawl there will be photos of the process on the blog and on my web site.

Blessed be, knit in peace


Renee said...

I think the pattern that comes with Helen's Lace yarn is fairly simple but it's a really pretty pattern.

Satori said...

What a great idea, and the colors of Helen's Lace yarn are beautiful. Not long ago I read a review about this yarn and it mentioned how durable it was and that will be needed.

Thanks so much for getting me on the search path.