Smoky Mountain Colors

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It was a great day

While shopping at my favorite yarn shop today a really cool thing happened. A young lady was looking at the beginner knitting books and was clearly confused. Finally she worked up the nerve and asked me "Is it hard to learn to knit?" I was thrilled that she asked. We spent about 15 minutes talking and looking at the yarns and I helped her pick out what she needed to get started. She asked some great questions so I knew she had been looking into it, and just finally decided to take the jump.

As we went through the the checkout I handed her my business card and told her she could call me anytime. I know she will.

Her excitement about learning to knit inspired me. I purchased more yarn that I intended to, and couldn't wait to get home. I fixed me a hot cup of coffee, settled into my favorite knitting chair and spent the afternoon knitting and listening to the music of the rain.

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